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elcome to the Illinois Society  United States Daughters of 1812.  Our national society was organized on January 8, 1892 on the anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans. Our goals are:  
  • to promote patriotism;
  • to preserve and increase knowledge of the history of the American people by preserving documents and treasures;
  • to mark historic locations;
  • to record family histories and traditions;
  • to celebrate patriotic anniversaries;
  • and to remind citizens of the heroic deeds of those who moulded our government between the close of the American Revolution and the close of the War of 1812.
This is an exciting time to become a member of our society as we have just finished commemorating the bicentennial of the War of 1812 and interest in our organization is high.  Look for us around the state of Illinois as we mark the graves of patriots, and participate in other historic events.  A brochure with additional information about our national society is available here.

If you believe in the goals of our society, perhaps you would like to join us.  In order to become a member,  you must be able to prove lineal descent from an ancestor who rendered military, naval or civil service between the close of the American Revolutionary War in 1783 and the close of the War of 1812 in 1815. Military service may be in any one of sixteen recognized engagements between those dates. You can download a membership worksheet here.

May 2021
Members from aruond the state attended the wreath-layng ceremony at G.A.R. Mound at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield on Memorial Day 2021. L-R: State President Julie Barnes, Marria Blinn, Lynda Kerstein, Anna Hecox and Mary Barringer.
State President.
State President Julie Barnes with wreath.

October 2019
State President Leah Beckhoff returned to Hill's Fort to attend the meeting of the Kaskaskia Chapter and while there presented a check for continued construction of Hill's Fort to Hill's Fort Society president Eric Reelitz (left) and president of the Illinois Society War of 1812 Robert Ridenour. The money was from the sale of Illinois Society pins.

The president of the Illinois Society of the U.S. Daughters of 1812 enjoyed an ‘impromptu’ and ‘informal’ meeting with the president of the Illinois Society of the War of 1812 on September 14th.
Leah Beckhoff, Illinois USD1812 president and Lynda Kerstein, Sangamon River USD1812 Chapter president, both Springfield, Ill., residents, journeyed to Greenville, Ill., to experience the Hill’s Fort Rendezvous. While there they were able to spend some time talking with Robert Ridenour, president of the Illinois Society of the War of 1812.
This was Beckhoff and Kerstein’s first visit to Hill’s Fort, a reconstructed fort located on the grounds of the Farm Heritage Museum off Interstate 70 near Greenville. During the War of 1812, on September 9, 1814, 13 rangers and civilians were bushwhacked by marauding Native Americans outside the fort; four were killed and three were injured.
Beckhoff said, “Having heard about Hill’s Fort and its history for several years, I was determined to experience for myself what it would have been like living in that era – what our ancestors also encountered.”
The Kaskaskia Chapter, USD1812, along with the Illinois Society of the War of 1812 and the Illinois War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission placed a commemorative plaque on the fort palisade during the bicentennial of the second war for independence.

Godfrey fence
Members of the Kaskaskia Chapter participated in a dedication ceremony for a fence surrounding the grave of Captain Benjamin Godfrey, War of 1812 veteran and founder of Godfrey, Illinois on October 21, 2018. The chapter donated to the project. The ceremony was sponsored by the Ninian Edwards Chapter, DAR. Attending the ceremony was State President Leah Beckhoff.

State Meeting 2018
Honorary State President Lola DeGroff (right) installed the new officers able to attend. L-R, Leah Beckhoff, State President and Kathryn Zimmerman,.

Speaker 2018
Susan McPeters and Kathy Elliott present the program.

attendees 2018
Alice Cripe, Dorothy Albert, Virginia Rinehart, Marie Boedecker, Paul Dorocke, Mr. Elliott

Attendees 2018
Jone VanWinkle, Betty Ruth Hoellerich, Patricia Hopkins-Price, Honorary State President Carole Wylder,
Honorary State President Lola DeGroff, Jim DeGroff, Linda Wasem

Attendees 2018
Nancy Sheppard, Linda Williams, Christine Henderson

Head table
Outgoing State Registrar Joy Upton, speaker Kathy Elliott, and outgoing State Chaplain Leah Beckhoff

Head table
Outgoing State Secretary Kathy Zimmerman, speaker Susan McPeters, Sangamon River Chapter President Lynda Kerstein

Illinois Society N.S.U.S.D. 1812 held their annual meeting March 24, 2018 in Springfield, Illinois.  Sangamon River Chapter
was the hostess chapter for this year’s meeting.  Unfortunately there were many unable to attend at the last minute due to
inclement weather; including State President Kimberly Nagy.  The program was “Forgotten Illinois: The Battle of Campbell’s
Island During the War of 1812 and the Monument Commemorating the Event” by Susan McPeters and Kathy Elliott.
Congratulations to Leah Beckhoff the new state president. 

state council 2017
State President Kim Nagy presides over the 2017 State Council held at the Grace Lutheran Church in Springfield on March 11th. Kaskaskia Chapter was the hostess chapter.
Mary Truitt
Mary Truitt from the Illinois National Road Association of Illinois presented the program on the National Road.

Dale PhillipsOfficers 2015-2018
Left - Dale Phillips, Superintendent of the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, gave an excellent program on the Battle of New Orleans at the state council meeting on March 28, 2015 in Springfield, IL. Right - newly installed state officers:: (left to right) Susan Dove, Chaplain; Kathy Zimmerman, Secretary; Rose Wilson, Curator; Kathleen Haas, Historian/Librarian; Teri-Ellen Rogers, Treasurer; Mary Barringer, Vice President; and Dr. Kimberly Nagy, President. Not present was Joy Upton, Registrar.

Lola and Ginger  Daughter
State President Lola DeGroff with President National Ginger Apyer during the National Society of the War f 1812 Triennial meeting in Baltimore, MD in September 2014. The President National dedicated the cannon which was purchased by the USD1812 for Fort McHenry.

eddie price jim degroff spirit of 1812
March 29, 2014 state meeting in Springfield, IL.
(L) State President Lola DeGroff thanks author Eddie Price for presenting a wonderful program about the soldiers of Kentucky during the War of 1812. Price is the prize winning author of Widder's Landing. (R) Julie Worthen, president of the Kaskaskia Chapter, presents a Spirit of 1812 award to Jim DeGroff.

Illinois Heritage Weekend
John Kinzie Chapter President Kim Nagy, State Historian Kathleen Haas, and State President Lola DeGroff presented a program at the First Annual Illinois Heritage Weekend in East Peoria, Illinois on September 28, 2013.

Charles Schweizer - spirit of 1812 award
Congratulations to Charles B. Schweizer who received the Spirit of 1812 award during the state council held in Bloomington, Illinois on March 2, 2013. He was nominated by the Kaskaskia Chapter. Behind him is State President Lola DeGroff and his daughter and son-in-law.

Dolley Madison
Dolley Madison (aka Barbara Kay) 

Kathy Haas
Honorary State President Kathy Haas spoke at the Battle of Fort Dearborn
Commemoration Day at the Chicago History Museum on August 11, 2012

Illinois USD1812 members at Ninian Edwards marking
A historical marker was dedicated at the grave of Ninian Edwards on June 23, 2012, at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois.  Congratulations to the Sangamon River Chapter who worked hard to make the ceremony a success.

Bill Wilson
During the state meeting in Springfield on March 10, 2011, State President Carole Wylder presented the Spirit of 1812 Award to William (Bill) Wilson.  Mr. Wilson is an avid scholar of the War of 1812 era.  He was the catalyst in the reconstruction of Hill's Fort in Greenville.  He has authored books on Illinois forts and is a sought-after speaker about events of that era.  Wilson serves as Chairman of the Illinois War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission, president of the Hill's Fort Society.  He is a member of the Illinois Society of the War of 1812.

State President
At an event held at historic Pere Marquette in Grafton, Illinois on July 24, 2011, Carole Clements Wylder,
State President, tells those attending about the goals of the USD1812 in Illinois.

State Meeting  
Carole Clements Wylder, State President, Nona Thompson Quinn, President National
& Jim DeGroff, State Vice President Illinois Society of 1812 at the State Council in
Decatur, March 5, 2011

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